Sugar Cube Soap Scrub


I love the versatility and mobility of a sugar cube soap scrub. The addition of soap makes it especially nice as you are cleaning your skin as you are exfoliating meeting two needs at one time, multitasking at its best. And we all know that if it’s too labor intensive (shaving, followed by cleansing, then exfoliating), it just might not get done. These sugar scrub cubes are definitely a time saver and I use them when I’m in a rush, but I also use them because they are convenient and easy to hold on to.


Sugar Cube Scrubs

This recipe will make 4-5 single use scrubs.


2 oz. organic sweet almond oil

4 oz. shredded Soap (natural preferred)

6 oz. organic sugar



Double boiler or crock pot

Silicon Ice Cube Tray



Melt soap and almond oil in a double boiler until smooth. Quickly add in sugar and mix well. The consistency will look like wet sand. Working quickly, pat mixture into silicon ice cube tray and press/pat down well. Put ice cube tray in freezer and let set for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pop cubes out of silicon tray onto a rack or tray and let sit overnight.

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