Glossary of Therapeutic Properties


Abortifacient  – Capable of inducing abortion

Absolute  – The most concentrated form of fragrance obtained when distilling a concrete

Abortifacient Capable of inducing abortion

Absolute The most concentrated form of fragrance obtained when distilling a concrete

Adulterate This is when unscrupulous companies mix pure essential oils with a base oil – thereby watering down the essential oil – but then still sell the ‘watered down’ oil as 100% pure essential oil. This is a huge problem in the essential oil market, as people are tempted to adulterate their oils for higher profit margins.

Acetylcholine Is a fluid used in the transmission of information from one nerve ending to another

Allergy Hypersensitivity caused by a foreign substance

Alopecia Baldness – can be temporary or permanent

Alterative Correcting disordered bodily functions

Amenorrhoea The absence of menstruation

Anaerobic Type of organism that does not require oxygen

Analgesic Relieving or deadening pain

Anaphrodisiac Lessening sexual desire

Anemia Deficiency of either quantity or quality of red corpuscles in the blood

Anesthetic Pain relieving by loss of sensation

Annual Plant that completes its life cycle in one year

Anodyne Stills pain and quieten disturbed feelings

Anosmic Loss of smell

Anthelmintic A vermifuge, destroying or expelling intestinal worms

Anti-acid Combats acid in the body

Anti-arthritic An agent which helps to combat arthritis

Anti-allergenic Reduces symptoms of allergies

Antibacterial Fights bacterial growth

Antibiotic Fights infection in the body by preventing the growth or destroying bacteria

Anti-convulsant Helps control convulsions

Anti-depressant Helps to counteract depression and lifts the mood

Anti-dontalgic Relieves toothache

Anti-emetic Reduces the severity or incidence of vomiting

Anti-fungal Prevents the growth of fungi

Anti-galactagogue Impedes or lessens the flow of milk

Anti-hemorrhagic A substance preventing or combating bleeding

Antihistamine Counteracts allergic reaction

Anti-infectious Prevents against infection

Anti-microbial A substance reducing or resisting microbes

Antioxidant A substance to prevent or delay oxidation

Anti-parasitic Acts against parasites

Anti-phlogistic Counteracts inflammation

Anti-pruritic Relieves or prevents sensation of itching

Anti-pyretic Reduces fever

Anti-rheumatic An agent which helps to combat rheumatism

Anti-sclerotic Helps to prevent hardening of arteries

Anti-seborrheic Helps control the oily secretion from sweat glands

Antiseptic A substance helping to control infection

Anti-spasmodic A substance to help prevent and ease spasms and relieve cramps

Anti-sudorific A substance to help lessen sweating

Anti-toxic Antidote or treatment to counteract the effects of poison

Anti-tussive Relieves coughing

Aperient Mild laxative

Aphonia Loss of voice